We could all use
a little help when
caring for a young person
Inside-Out has created an online learning platform, where you can feel supported to handle everyday parenting challenges and build trustworthy relationships with the young person in your life.

What can we help with?

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Inside-Out is an international community of parents facing similar challenges.
Up-to-date topics

Up-to-date topics

Inside-Out provides relevant information on well-being, resilience, communication, etc.
Practical information

Practical information

Take part in one of Inside-Outs free training courses or attend workshops.

Main topics

• Communication skills and styles
• Stress management
• Building resilience
• Overcoming isolation
• Social media as a social support
• Assessing parenting styles
• Communication in the parent-child relationship
• Dealing with external influences (social media, etc.)

How to take part?

Are you a trainer?

Do you work with parents as a teacher, trainer or mentor? Join us to get ideas, tailored tools and share your expertise!


  1.  Guidance on how to deliver the Inside-Out Hybrid
    Curriculum and how to use the MOOC for Parents
  2. In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators

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